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Truck Accident Lawyer Gets $1.15 Million Settlement for Client Struck By Truck Crane

March 17, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

A Michigan Auto Law attorney obtained a $1.15 million settlement for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury and hand injuries when he was hit by a truck’s wayward crane arm. This recent settlement is one of the top 2008 Michigan truck accident settlements (Steven Gursten’s Nunez settlement was the largest reported settlement in Michigan in 2008, involving a fatal truck crash). This award shows how our truck accident lawyer‘s specialized knowledge of trucking laws can lead to better settlements to protect people when truck companies break safety laws.

Here are the details of the case, also published in a newspaper verdicts and settlements report:

On Aug. 18, 2006, plaintiff Hussain Al-Shemary drove a tractor-trailer on M-52 near Interstate 96 in Lansing, Michigan. A truck with a crane arm on a V-notch atop the cab was approaching from the opposite direction.

As Al-Shemary passed the truck, the arm came out of the notch and struck Al-Shemary through his truck cab. He was taken to Sparrow Hospital.

He was diagnosed with many personal injuries, including a depressed skull fracture with left frontal contusion, depressed bone fragments and two scalp lacerations, one 6 centimeters, the other 15 centimeters. Al-Shemary also had a severely comminuted left fourth finger fracture with extensor injury and a 6-centimeter laceration. The finger required four surgeries.

Additionally, Al-Shemary was diagnosed as having vertigo and tinnitus as a result of traumatic brain injury; major depressive disorder and severe post-traumatic headaches; disc herniations and a vertebral compression fracture; a bilateral shoulder injury and a finger fracture, which resulted in a deformity. The finger cannot be restored to its normal function and he has permanent scarring on his head.

Al-Shemary’s injuries prevented his return to his job.

The defendant argued that Al-Shemary’s injuries were not serious or ongoing. However, the defendant’s doctors’ evaluations were used to help document the serious nature of the head and finger injuries and the permanent residuals.

The matter settled for $1.15 million.

Type of action: Auto accident

Type of injuries: Depressed skull fracture, fractured finger, disc herniations

Name of case: Hussain Al-Shemary v. Martin Block Corp., et al.

Court/Case no./Date: Ingham County Circuit Court; 06-1545-NI; Dec. 23, 2008

Name of judge: Thomas L. Brown

Settlement amount: $1.15 million

Insurance carrier: Indiana Insurance Co., Consolidated Insurance Co.

Attorney for plaintiff:
Michigan Auto Law attorney

Attorney for defendant: Withheld

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