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Injury Board Magazine: The dirtiest Michigan auto insurance company trick of all?

February 12, 2009 by Steven M. Gursten

No-Fault insurance lawyer Steven Gursten writes an editorial about an auto accident case that allows defense lawyers to mislead juries in court – and get away with it

Would we ever let a defense lawyer stand up in Michigan court and knowingly and intentionally mislead a jury? Yes. It happens all the time. And unfortunately, it just happened again.

No-Fault insurance lawyer Steven Gursten discusses one of his cases in this plaintiffs lawyers magazine, where Farm Bureau Insurance company forced a serious auto injury case to trial. Gursten calls this the dirtiest insurance company trick of all. In this case, all parties agreed the defendant was at fault – but the defense led the jury to believe a teenage defendant would be the one footing the medical bills for the plaintiff’s personal injuries, instead of her auto insurance company.

Here’s Steven Gursten’s editorial as it appeared in Injury Board Magazine: The dirtiest insurance company trick of all?


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