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Michigan Supreme Court Abuse

We have frequently discussed many of the simply outrageous legal decisions that have been issued in recent years by four justices of the Michigan Supreme Court. Decisions such as Kreiner, Cameron, and Devillers have essentially destroyed the fundamental principles underlying Michigan’s no fault auto insurance system over the past decade.

We’re not alone. On March 18, 2008, the Michigan Chapter of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy sponsored a presentation at Wayne State University School of Law, in Detroit, Michigan, on the impact that these 4 justices have had on Michigan. The panel of 10 respected law professors and lawyers cited over 200 cases where this four justice majority has wreaked havoc on Michigan’s laws. The panelists, many respected constitutional scholars and legal professors, lambasted these justices for their activist and partisan “judicial legislation from the bench.” Frank Wu, the Dean of WSU Law School, said it was time for lawyers to reclaim justice in Michigan, calling for a “return to the principles of stare decisis and the proper role of courts.”

Sadly, the extremist agenda of Justices Clifford Taylor, Maura Corrigan, Stephen Markman and Robert Young, Jr. are not known to many Michigan citizens. Although the panel listed 200 examples of these 4 justices catering to auto insurance companies, and emasculating many aspects of the civil justice system in Michigan, these cases are simply not well-known or understood by many non-lawyers and the media.

Fortunately, the presentation from Wayne State University has been recently uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed at: The only way to rein in the abuses that have occurred to Michigan automobile accident victims and the civil justice system itself in this state is to educate and empower the public. We think the discussions within these 5 videos will be disturbing and very eye-opening to many people.

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