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Number of Michigan Car Accident Deaths Drops in 2006

The number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents in Michigan dropped 3.9% in 2006, compared to 2005. Sadly, 1,129 people were killed in Michigan in 2005. However, according to NHTSA, the number of people who were killed in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents in Michigan dropped to 1,085 in 2006. The numbers were compiled under the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, or FARS, which monitors the number of people who are killed in all motor vehicle accidents in all 50 states.

This is good news, and it mirrors national statistics. In fact, with the exception of motorcycle accidents, the number of people who were injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes continues to decline compared to previous years as cars become safer and more crashworthy, seat belt use increases, and fewer motorists use alcohol before getting behind the wheel, thanks to the efforts of organizations such as MADD and better enforcement by police.

This represents the 4th year in a row that the number of people killed in motor vehicle crashes has fallen. The personal injury lawyers at Michigan Auto Law continue to work hard to help make Michigan safer. With one of our lawyers serving as President of Michigan’s largest state organization of trial lawyers in 2007, and with 3 of our lawyers serving on its executive board, we continue to work to help make Michigan’s roads safer and to prevent the number of people who are killed or seriously injured in car accidents every year on Michigan roads.

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