August 6, 2007 by Steven M. Gursten

Bob Raitt writes Michigan Lawyers Weekly letter to the editor on the destructive nature of tort reform to Michigan families and auto accident victims

Personal injury attorney Robert M. Raitt writes Michigan Lawyers Weekly on the failed doctrine of “tort reform” in Michigan.

Bob says tort reform has brought:

* A hobbled justice system that functions as a puppet for special interests,
* Tens of thousands of injured, wronged and cheated people who have no way to hold wrongdoers accountable,
* Hundreds of millions of dollars in costs dumped on tax payers instead of being paid by those responsible, and
* An economy that’s behaving exactly as if the snake oil of tort reform were poison.

Here’s the Michigan Lawyers Weekly story: “Tort reform”: A failed experiment in legal-social engineering

August 6, 2007

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