FREE BOOK – Protecting Your Legal Rights After an Auto Accident

Thank you for your interest in our free book, “Protecting Your Legal Rights After an Auto Accident: Simple Steps to a Quick Recovery.”

It is one of our most popular and frequently requested books. People find it very helpful and informative for how it outlines the process for obtaining pain and suffering compensation, which is available for seriously injured auto accident victims.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are currently out-of-stock. But not for long…we have requested a rush on publishing our new and improved version.

In the meantime, please check out our Pain and Suffering Lawsuit page where we have information about how car accident victims like yourself can sue for pain and suffering. Michigan Auto Law attorney Steve Gursten explains in the quick video you’ll find on that page how third-party lawsuits allow car crash victims to recover not only pain and suffering compensation from the at-fault driver who cause their crash, but also economic damages, such as excess lost wages.

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At Michigan Auto Law we understand that there are harsh demands that Michigan law places on accident victims’ claims for monetary damages for their pain and suffering. There are many traps that unwary accident victims – and lawyers who are not experts in Michigan’s auto accident law – may fall prey to. We are the largest law firm in the state exclusively handling car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents; and we have more million-dollar verdicts and settlements for auto negligence cases than any other personal injury law firm in Michigan.