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Trap 2: TBI Cases In Federal Court

Worst TBI Case Says Automatic Jury Route for TBI Victims Doesn’t Apply in Federal Court

Michigan traumatic brain injury lawyers must be on high alert after a Dec. 18, 2008 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit case that dismissed the traumatic brain injury claim of a child injured in a car accident. This case will effectively wipe out most brain injury cases in the federal courts.

In Livonia Shropshire v. Laidlaw Transit, Inc., the Court ruled on its own accord — the defense lawyers never even raised the issue — that the TBI claim of a child injured in a car accident and diagnosed with brain injury and seizures could be dismissed. The Court contended the “automatic” route to a jury for closed-head injury victims found in MCL 500.3135(2)(a)(ii) is procedural, not substantive, and…does not apply in federal court.

Insurance defense lawyers will take full advantage of this case, as they know that if a neurologist or psychiatrist signs an affidavit that a plaintiff has a serious neurological injury, the plaintiff will get to a jury in Michigan courts. Now defense lawyers will push TBI cases to be removed to federal court.

To review, Michigan courts have interpreted the language in 500.3135(2)(a)(ii), also known as the closed-head injury exception, as “automatically” entitling a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury to get to a jury, if a properly qualified doctor testifies that there may be a serious neurological injury. The automatic route was created by the Michigan Legislature specifically to protect victims of traumatic brain injury. Without this exception, the majority of car accident victims who have suffered brain injuries would not be able to file a lawsuit for their injuries, because most brain injuries are not identifiable by today’s diagnostic testing. These injuries, even though they can be very severe and disabling, would likely be aggressively challenged under the first prong of Michigan’s “serious impairment of body function” threshold, which requires any injury suffered from an automobile accident to be “objectively manifested.”

Shropshire disregards the closed-head injury exception as procedural and not applicable to the federal courts. Michigan TBI lawyers believe Shropshire is a shocking example of form over substance, and either cold-hearted indifference or a startling lack of medical sophistication of traumatic brain injury by the Sixth Circuit panel. For more information on this tragic case, read our blog.

In the meantime, Michigan TBI lawyers should create a comprehensive record to protect people with brain injuries in federal court, especially when the plaintiff is a child: A federal court judge may still try to dismiss any brain injured child’s case because it is so difficult to show a serious impairment for a young child.

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