Have you been injured? you may have a case.

Perkins v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company

Michigan Court of Appeals order addresses when out-of-state motorcyclists can collect No-Fault insurance benefits

Case impact: An out-of-state motorcyclist who was injured in a Michigan crash with a car or truck can collect No-Fault benefits – if the motorcyclist’s out-of-state auto insurer “has filed a certification in compliance with section 3163.” (MCL 500.3113(c)).

By filing the certification, a No Fault auto insurer guarantees that, if one of its insureds from another state is injured in a Michigan car accident or a truck accident, even if that insured is riding a motorcycle rather than driving a car or truck, then the auto insurer must still pay for and provide Michigan No Fault insurance benefits to the “out-of-state resident.”

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Here’s the official Michigan Court of Appeals order on Perkins v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company.