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Admire v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company

Michigan Supreme Court opinion: Auto accident victim is denied wheelchair van from No-Fault insurance

Case impact: A Michigan motorcycle accident victim who suffered serious personal injury, including needing a wheelchair for the rest of his life, is denied a replacement van from his No-Fault insurance company. In its 2013 ruling, the Michigan Supreme Court concluded conclude “that defendant is only required to pay for the modifications because only the modifications are allowable expenses “for an injured person’s care, recovery, or rehabilitation” under MCL 500.3107(1)(a). Because the base price of the van is an ordinary transportation expense—an expense that is as necessary for the uninjured as the injured—and is easily separated from the modifications, defendant is not required to pay for it under the no-fault insurance act.” The Admire decision overturned the Michigan Court of Appeals ruling that said the plaintiff was entitled to the full purchase price of a new van under Michigan No Fault.

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Here’s the official Michigan Supreme Court Syllabus on Admire v. Auto-Owners.