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Worst Auto Insurance Companies: Secura

Putting a Low Ball Price on Human Life Award

Secura Insurance makes the list of Michigan’s worst auto insurance companies because of the disgraceful way it cynically defended an excavation business whose truck driver struck and killed an 83-year-old man who was using a crosswalk to cross the street.

In Shekoski v. Allied Excavation, Inc., et al., Secura Insurance took the jaw-dropping position that 83-year-old Michael Shekoski’s life was not worth more than $250,000, even though his tragic and senseless death left an enormous hole in the lives of the 10 children, 38 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren who survived him.

Aside from insinuating that Mr. Shekoski was already essentially “damaged goods” due to various health concerns, Secura Insurance insisted that his family should not be compensated any money for the “loss” of his companionship and society because, even if he had not been killed by the excavation truck, he was not going to live that much longer anyway.

Thankfully, a Macomb County jury, not Secura Insurance, had the last word about Mr. Shekoski’s life and wrongful death. After deliberating only a short time, the jury demonstrated that it placed a much higher value on human life than Secura Insurance did: The jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Shekoski’s estate for $2.55 million.

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