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Best Auto Insurance Companies

The Top 4 Best Auto Insurance Companies

There are a lot of lists out there. My list is different. For nearly 20 years, I have sued almost every insurance company in America. I am an insurance attorney who has spent his entire career helping people who have been seriously injured in automobile accidents. I work in a law firm of eighteen attorneys who only help people injured in automobile accidents, and I am the current president of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association.

So my own list includes something that other lists do not: how do these insurance companies actually treat people when someone is really hurt? How do these insurance companies act when someone needs to make a claim?

I should add, of course, that when people find out I am an insurance attorney, I am asked constantly what insurance companies do I think are good, what insurance companies do I think are bad, and are there any insurance companies that I would actually recommend.

So I put together a list of the automobile insurance companies that my fellow insurance attorneys at Michigan Auto Law and I have identified as the insurance companies we believe are best. And we put together another list of the insurance companies that I personally consider the worst insurance companies.

The insurance companies on my “best” list tend to treat people fairly and pay claims promptly. The ones on my worst list do not, based upon the actual experiences I have had with them, and based upon the people we represent and help every year. The companies on my “best” list also give people the best value for their auto insurance premium dollars.

These lists are the product of my own actual experience as an insurance lawyer, as well as the legal experiences of the eighteen attorneys in my office who see and litigate cases with these insurance companies every single day. We have seen a lot of broken promises, destroyed lives, and bad faith over the years.

Some insurance companies with lower prices got dropped off my lists because of how I see them treat the people who become my clients. For those readers from Michigan, one such example is Farm Bureau General Insurance Company of Michigan (and Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Michigan). Even though Farm Bureau has low prices, my own experiences with how Farm Bureau treats people (along with the experiences of the other 17 insurance attorneys here) has shown that Farm Bureau treats our clients poorly when they’re injured and most in need of insurance benefits. Moreover, Farm Bureau has intentionally written extremely restrictive language into its “Underinsured Motorist” (UIM) policies that make it very hard to get the insurance benefits that it promises to people.

How did I comprise my list of the best and worst insurance companies?

The list of the “Best Auto Insurance Companies” is comprised of insurance companies that have the best:

  • Price.
  • Track record for paying accident/injury claims.
  • Consumer complaint history.
  • Customer satisfaction.

With these factors in mind, I evaluated the top 10 largest auto insurance companies here in Michigan, as well as dozens of other auto insurers, to see what they had to offer. For those readers from other states, the information here is still a good overall guide, but may vary somewhat from state to state.

Based on my analysis, the insurers who made my list of the Best Auto Insurance Companies for 2013 are:

QUICK TIP: Talk to an Independent Insurance Agent

Want to find the “Best” auto insurance company for you and your family, at the best price?

Here’s a quick tip: talk to an Independent Insurance Agent. Independent insurance agents are great resources because they can quote insurance coverage from many companies at once to find the best price. They are not “captive” agents of one company only. They can collect and compare information from a wide array of auto insurers.

Unlike independent insurance agents, who work with many national and Michigan-based insurers, an agent who works for one specific insurance company can only sell you on that company’s insurance, regardless of whether it’s the most appropriate, the most comprehensive or the best value.

When you speak with an Independent Insurance Agent, explain that you want to buy Michigan auto insurance and you’d like quotes from multiple companies. The coverage you will want quotes for include: Michigan mandatory No Fault; broad-form, standard and limited collision; uninsured motorist; underinsured motorist; and umbrella.


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