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Auto Insurance Company Tactics

Let’s face it: many auto insurance companies make money by not paying on claims.

As insurance lawyers helping people injured in car accidents and truck accidents, we see it all.

In fact, accident victims are limping away from hundreds of millions of dollars in valid and deserving claims that insurance companies are required to pay every year, but don’t.

Many of these auto insurance companies believe you won’t wait, you won’t hire an insurance lawyer to file a lawsuit, and you will eventually become so fed up that you’ll take a low-ball settlement offer.

There even is a name for this. It’s called the ā€œ3 Dā€ strategy: delay, deny and defend. Some insurance companies have claims models set up to delay your claim, deny you were hurt and defend aggressively.

Read on for our list of the worst auto insurance companies. Some of these auto insurance companies are the worst offenders of the “3 Ds” and several other anti-consumer tactics.

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