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Michigan Auto Law - Farmington Hills Car Accident Attorney

Our Farmington Hills office, and company headquarters for our award-winning car accident attorneys, is located on the southbound side of Northwestern Highway just west of Inkster Road. We serve clients throughout the area who have been injured in an auto accident and need legal services to get the compensation they are entitled to.

Michigan Auto Law is active in the Southeast Michigan community with our annual Forgotten Harvest volunteer event, as well as donations to numerous local charities annually including the Michigan Humane Society and The United Way.

Lead Trial Attorney and Head of Michigan Auto Law, Steven Gursten, has been quoted in a variety of local newspapers and TV stations as an auto and truck accident expert, as well as sharing our annual list of dangerous intersections in Oakland County.

Michigan Auto Law

461 Reviews

Our attorneys serve our Oakland County clients in the following practice areas

I've been injured in a Car Accident
I've been injured in a Truck Accident
I’ve been injured in a Motorcycle Accident
I've suffered a serious Personal Injury
Rob Roll
I searched for "the best law firm in Michigan" and Michigan Auto Law was the first result. Upon further research, I knew this was the place to go. I liked all of the reviews from other clients, the re...
Bizz Lyons
I chose Michigan Auto Law because they weren't one of those firms that advertised on TV. After my car accident, I was looking for information and to talk to somebody who understood what I was going th...
Noelle Christensen from Wixom
After my car accident, I was not able to work for 14 months and we lost our house. Because of the care and proper legal representation I received from Steve Gursten, my life was completely turned arou...
Michael Wnorowski from CO
I wanted to take a moment to write about just how happy my husband Jeff & I are with the way everything went at Michigan Auto Law. We have never gone through this process. It was nice to be represente...
Jen Kotimko
My husband had a friend that had a case with Michigan Auto Law. He was very happy with his experience, so I decided to contact them. Jeffrey Bussell came to see me in the hospital. He is a very compas...
sandra carter
Going with with Michigan Auto Law was by far the best decision I’ve made. They understood my case and updated me with every step they took. I’ve had an overall great experience with the firm and would...
Mariah Hornburger
Charlene Parriett
Kevin Seiferheld, Brandon Hewitt and Michigan Auto Law helped me through the worst time of my life. After being rear-ended by a semi-truck, I thought my life was over. Kevin and Brandon walked me th...
William B.
I had a good experience overall. My attorney Alison was great to work with. She was always available to talk to me any time I had questions and she always stayed in contact. She settled my auto case. ...
Dawana Rodriguez from Saginaw
I was in a rear end collision with a girl on her cellphone. I called Michigan Auto Law due to the fact that I had two compressed discs in my neck and complications with numbness in my arms. I was ref...
Thomas Whittingham
Redd Foxx
I was getting ready to start another job when I had a car accident. I had a brain injury, and injured my foot, ankle, neck and back. I thought,
Margaret Hall from Waterford
I thought this law firm was good at what they do - help people in accidents. Kevin, Josh and Amy did a good job for me. They knew what they were doing, they knew what the case was worth and they had e...
Ron Burns from Royal Oak
I chose Michigan Auto Law after reading about the firm online. They are a big firm that only handles auto accidents. After I had the first meeting with my attorneys Bob Raitt and Alison Duffy, I knew ...
Micheal Demetsenare from Berkley
From the moment I met Bobby, I knew he was right for me. He was very kind, supportive, informative, and responsive. Bobby always communicated with me at all times. If I had questions, he would respon...
Emmanuel Yousif
I had the opportunity and the privilege to hear Steve speak at a recent conference regarding traumatic brain injury. Steve was one of the most informative and dynamic speakers at the conference. St...
Geoff Glick from Richmond, VA
My experience with Michigan Auto Law was fantastic. Everyone, from the moment I walked in was extremely friendly and helpful. Whenever I had a question Lenny and Brenda would always get back to me in ...
Brittany Hughes
I was in the hospital after an auto accident looking for a law firm to represent me. I found Michigan Auto Law online. They had a very nice man come to me at the hospital during this horrible time. My...
Jamie Smith
Bobby and Alison are very professional and treated me with the utmost respect. They were always available for me to answer any questions I had. The both of them always kept me very well informed. Alis...
Qwanwen Li from Ann Arbor
Passionate and genuine lawyers
Antonia Marino from Muskegon
Did awesome job on both lawsuits. Had lawsuit against the person who hit us and got them to get pay for what they did. Had a lawsuit against Geico who wouldnt pay our medical and got them to pay as we...
ryan frost
When this case began I was very uncertain about my future both in terms of my health and my financial situation. Leonard Koltonow and Jeff Feldman worked tirelessly on my case and I have no doubt that...
Nicolas Cousineau
My experience with Michigan Auto Law was simple. My attorney Brandon Hewitt took care of everything for me and I didn't have to worry. I wasn't going to sue at first. Then my insurance company said th...
George Jacklin from Waterford
I called Michigan Auto Law after my car accident. My injuries kept getting worse and I was unable to work or even care for myself because of them. No other personal injury lawyers would take my case
Gloria Holman from Saginaw
I had Joshua Terebelo as my attorney and was very satisfied with this company. I would highly recommend them
Krista Reed
Tom was very professional and nice to me. He explained the entire process in great detail. Robin and Michele were always available to me and answered any of my concerns. Everyone has been great here a...
Tony Pavlovski
I am pleased and honored to express my gratitude to Attorney Jeffery Bussell at Michigan Auto Law. I didn’t know what to look for in an attorney. I was confused on how the system works and what an aut...
Dena Essa
I was introduced to Lenny many years ago by a friend. When I got into an auto accident in 2016, I knew who I would call. Lenny and Brenda are nothing short of amazing. If there was a bigger word for t...
Debra Roberts
I had neck and back injuries after my auto accident and wanted to make I would be protected and that I could still take care of my two sons. My husband found Michigan Auto Law and that's how I met our...
Patricia Deronio from Rochester Hills
I thought Alison Duffy and Bob Raitt were absolutely wonderful. They made everything simple, direct and I felt like I could trust them from the moment I met them. I always knew what was happening and ...
Elaine Gilbert from Farmington
Working with Alison, she is very ambitious, she's very intelligent and she's very forthright about working through your case. I thought she was an excellent attorney to work with and I've worked with ...
Charlotte Callaghan from Northville
The process was stress free. Jeffery was very thorough explaining everything. Happy with my outcome. Thanks so much
Julie Pearce
Josh did such a great job for me. My case took a lot less time than I ever expected. Josh, Jeff, and Alex made everything go smoothly. I cannot thank them enough. Michigan Auto Law is top notch.
Ashely Jacques
Jeff Bussel did a great job helping us understand the complexities of our case. The results of our settlements exceeded expectation.
Kimberly Trombley
Josh guided me through a rough patch and made it easy
Ashlee Saddler from Garden City
Lenny is a caring individual. From start to finish, he let me know how things were going, very knowledgeable when it comes to the law. Honestly, he's a Pitbull when it comes down to business. When it'...
Antonio Reed from Southfield
I was really happy with my service from Joshua Terebelo. He was kinda and caring and was there when needed. He fought and got what was right for me. I would recommend Michigan Auto Law to anyone and w...
Leo Nashatka from Turner
My sister researched Michigan Auto Law and referred me here. I wanted to have a firm that specialized in auto accidents, not several other types of injuries. My attorney Jeffrey Bussell was great. Th...
Mary McMullen-Wahl
Kujtim Sterbyci
I did a Google search and came across Michigan Auto Law. I wanted to go with a law firm that did not advertise on television. I initially first spoke with Brandon and Larry. An extensive interview wit...
Karen Sinchak
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. It was the best referral I could have gotten. I worked with Jeff. He was great. I then began to work with Josh. He was very easy to get a hold of and quick to resp...
Brigid Roberts
Great work ethic to make clients happy
Kiara Mosby from Southfield
My brother and I were both injured in a auto accident. I was searching for a law firm online and decided to go with Michigan Auto Law. Tom and Jeff Bussell took great care of the both of us. They made...
Juan Pena and Andres Pena
i was in a car accident in 2016 work with Brandon and his team they were great . Brandon and Rick did a wonderful job for me
Wendy Irwin Coleman
My doctor referred me to Michigan Auto Law. He mentioned that they were a great law firm. From the moment I met Brandon, I knew I would like it here. He was very professional and educated me about the...
Mohammad Rashed
I was in the hospital after an auto accident. My mom was researching law firms for me. She found Michigan Auto Law. I was so happy that she made that decision. Matt came to the rehab facility that I w...
Stephanie Rau
My husband and I were in a bad car accident. We had never been through a lawsuit before. My husband's friend recommended Tom James and said that he's an excellent attorney. He is a fantastic lawyer an...
Carolyn from Milford
My mother and husband were rear ended by an 18-wheeler truck while at a red traffic light. Not only did they get hit in the back, but the truck's load hit the vehicles going the opposite direction. So...
S.K. from Grand Blanc
I was injured in a car accident in a company car that had very low car damage and the insurance company offered zero. They didn't believe my neck and shoulder injuries could be caused by the accident....
Richard Ringer from Novi
My girlfriend actually found Michigan Auto Law for me. From the moment I met Josh, I felt great. He is a man of intergity for sure. Josh prepared me for all aspects of the entire process. He truly kep...
James Brown
Anita L. Larson
My lawyers were very good, wonderful people. They helped me greatly in my lawsuit and were always ready to help. Whatever we asked for, they were always on our side and they came up with a good settle...
A.J.K. from Bloomfield Hills
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. I could not be happier with that referral. Alex and Josh were an amazing team. They explained everything to me in terms that I could understand. I never felt lost ...
Desha Gordon
I had never been involved in serious car accident, so I did not know what to expect. I contacted Michigan Auto Law and have had the greatest experience with them from start to finish. I started with M...
Marlene Chio
There were some very dark days after my car accident. Even after my pain and suffering case was settled, I still had $100,000 in medical bills. I called my attorneys Bob Raitt and Alison Duffy and the...
Mary Nurmi from Flint
I chose Michigan Auto Law after reading about the firm online. They are a big firm that only handles auto accidents. After I had the first meeting with my attorneys Bob Raitt and Alison Duffy, I knew ...
Micheal Demetsenare
Bobby and Alison are both very professional. They were always quick to return phone calls and answer any questions I had. I will definitely recommend Bobby and Alison. Elise and Colleen were also grea...
Marie Kidd from Farmington Hills
Everyone at Michigan Auto Law - Brandon, Josh, Alex, Alison, Shelita - took me from a dark place filled with fear and uncertainty to a warm embrace with light at the end of the tunnel. They walked me...
Denise M.
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law by my boss at the time of my accident. He was another extremely happy customer. From him, I knew I would be in good hands. I was rear ended and had some pretty bad ...
Kim Nye-Murad
Josh terebelo was great.
Marcie Hill
My case was so complicated. I am a paralegal. If I had been assigned that case I would have walked away. I look at my lawyer Alison and I'm so thankful for her. She never lost patience, she always ans...
Frances Berry from Southfield
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law through another attorney. You know when you meet someone, and you feel you've known this person all your life? That's the feeling I got from day one when I met my a...
Ruth Meadows from Southfield
I am extremely grateful to Lenny Koltonow and Michigan Auto Law for all of the help after my accident and helping me to get my life back from the person who hit me. Lenny, Brenda and the entire staff...
Kelly Haapala from White Lake
I want to thank Alexander Kemp and Thomas James for every detail and everything they put there hands n mind too. They were the best that can fight my case and get the job done and when I say done i me...
Carl Stringer-Smith from Detroit
Leyla Capitelli
Lenard koltonow and Brenda Schooley did a very good job on my case. I woud recommend them to everybody.
Michele Houle
Josh is a phenomenal attorney! He helped me through a difficult time and I am truly grateful.
Milea Miller from Novi
I was referred to Michigan Auto Law. The process was smooth from start to finish. Jeffrey Bussell, Alison, and Bobby were so great and kind to me. They all responded to me very quickly after any inqui...
Taylor Crowe
Very professional and important to me, very nice!! A very good experience and Brandon has been great!!!
Linda Winans
I had a great experience with this law firm. I have no complaints. I was happy that my case settled and I didn't have to go to court. Alison kept me well informed as my attorney. I could get a hold of...
Ralph Hindbaugh from Redford
My experience with Jeffrey Bussell has been nothing short of amazing. He was so quick to respond to any questions I had, which was important to me. Jeff made sure things were handled in a quick and ti...
Francine Jones
There are some law firms for accident, injury and death cases that are just much better than any others. This is one of those law firms. Steven Gursten, one of the chief litigators, of Michigan Auto...
Christopher Hoffmann
My first priority was getting my no fault bills paid aftee my auto accident. I was referred to Michigan Auto Law by a few people I know. I met my attorney Mike Shaffer. From our first initial meeting,...
Lisa Johnson
The best!
Steve Hussein
Great service!!!!!!
Angel Chilli
They were very thorough and bold, because of that I won my case. They don't take no for an answer and fight for the compensation you deserve. My attorneys treated me well and were always respectful. I...
Candiss Roberson from Gladwin
My insurance companies denied my benefits after seven months and Alison and Bob helped me recover money to pay the medical bills for my car accident. They are just very helpful and goes out of their t...
Betty Lothery from Redfird
My experience with Michigan Auto Law has been nothing but stellar. I could not have asked for a better attorney than Alex. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Alex really took the time to expl...
Jerry Babcock from Burton
I love Alison. She is a phenomenal attorney. She deals with people really well. She speaks clearly, explains the law and most importantly, she listens to me and takes all of my concerns very seriously...
Carol from Redford
The system in Michigan does not favor or protect the citizen at all, and I recognize that the auto accident law is not balanced and presents unfair disadvantages for victims and their attorneys. Yet I...
Danny Jackson from Lapeer
I couldn't be more happy with the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law. They got me exactly what I deserved and stayed in touch with me explaining the processes all along the way. They are easy to reach whe...
Joseph De Marzio from Forest Hills, NY
Lenny is like a friend. He has the most amazing people skills. I am from a military background and did not have much knowledge on car accidents. Lenny was very informative, explained to me in great d...
Brian Ward from Roseville, CA
After my car accident, I was lost. I didn't know what to do, where to go, who to turn to, or any of that. That's why my favorite thing about my experience with Michigan Auto Law is the thorough explan...
Barbara Harris from Milford
Helped me a ton and answered all of my questions
Angela Dupree from Taylor
It has been about a year and a half, 2 surgeries, and seemingly endless pain, discomfort, and alot of rigorous physical therapy since I was rear-ended at a high speed while I sat stopped at a red ligh...
Peggy from West Bloomfield
Mr. Raitt and Mrs. Duffy instilled my trust in lawyers. I had no one to go to after my car accident. But they were available when other lawyers turned me away. They gave me advice and guidance, and to...
Darrin Harris from Pontiac
I was in the hospital after an auto accident looking for a law firm to represent me. I found Michigan Auto Law online. They had a very nice man come to me at the hospital during this horrible time. My...
Jamie Smith from Quincy
I have talked to so many people here at Michigan Auto law during my case. Their entire staff is amazing. They all were helpful, understanding, and respected me a great deal. Josh, Laurie, Amber, and M...
Deserra Clark from Graden City
Steven Gursten has a well earned national reputation as one of the premier plaintiff civil trial attorneys in the U.S. I have personally worked with both Steven and his law firm on behalf of two clien...
Matthew Dolman from Clearwater, FL
I would recommend Michigan Auto Law to anybody. I had a very pleasant experience with the firm, because my case was handled professionally, I was treated well whenever I came into the office and my co...
Paula Henderson from Southfield
I had two attorneys helping me. I needed help for all of my injuries and time lost off of work after a semi truck hit me as I was driving. Bob Raitt and Alison Duffy took me in no charge. They helped ...
Eric Bookie from Redford
"Christopher Hunter is an attorney with a stellar understanding of the law and on how to represent his clients. When I met Chris, he took the time to listen, understand my ideas and put them into act...
Robin Wright from Warren
"Steve Gursten is simply one of the best lawyers in the country. Steve cares tremendously about his clients and helping people. I have seen first hand how much attention he gives each and every clie...
Ken Levinson from Chicago
When I came to Michigan Auto Law, I felt very welcome. The entire staff is extremely warm. Bobby is a really great attorney. Elise was so great in helping to answer all my questions and concerns. Alis...
Cornelious Thomas
In a traffic accident no being injured is confusing. Dealing with insurance companies on your well-being and property loss is very tedious. Attorney Mike Shaffer with Michigan Auto Law was a great hel...
Neal Hahka from Troy
A+ service from top notch attorneys! They got me exactly what I deserved and continually went the extra mile. I couldn't have been happier with the representation.
Joseph De Marzio
Michael Hayes
This is a great law firm. All of my questions were answered. They made sure that we were well inform informed of the process after I was injured in the accident. Michele was also very good in assistin...
Clarence Howard from Clinton Township
Josh was always very positive on the phone. If I contacted him, he returned my calls promptly. He was very reassuring about my case. I am very pleased with the resolution of this event. It was invalua...
Paula Tate from White Lake

Farmington Hills Local Accident Resources

Have you been in an accident in Farmington Hills? Here is a lost of resources including where to obtain copies of our accident report for your auto insurance company.

Farmington Hills Police Department

31655 West Eleven Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Non-Emergency Phone: (248) 871-2700

Ordering Your Farmington Hills Traffic Accident Report

Many insurance companies require customers who have been involved in a traffic crash to obtain a copy of the accident Report for claims processing. Farmington Hills Accident Reports may be obtained online for a small fee by visiting apps.clemis.org.

Oakland County Sheriff's Department

1200 North Telegraph Road, Building 38 East
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 858-4911

Ordering Your Oakland County Traffic Accident Report

Copies of accident Reports from the Oakland County Sheriff’s office can be purchased online at payment.clemis.org.

To order an Oakland Country traffic accident report in person call 248-858-5011 to see if the report is available. If available, Reports are usually received 4-5 business days after the incident. To obtain a copy of the report, you need to go to the Record Unit of the Oakland County’s Sheriff Department. The Records Unit is located on the East side of the Oakland County Jail in Pontiac, MI. Bring photo identification and $7 cash per Report.

The Records Unit is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. You will need to arrive no later than a half-hour before close. The Records Unit is closed on most legal holidays, including: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Farmington Hills Fire Department

31455 West Eleven Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Non-emergency phone: (248) 871-2800

Farmington Hills Courthouses

47th District Court
31605 W. Eleven Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(248) 871-2900

Farmington Hills Hospitals

Beaumont Hospital
28050 Grand River Ave.
Farmington Hills, MI 48336-5919
(248) 471-8000

2017 Top Ten High Crash Intersections in
Farmington Hills, Michigan

  • null

    Orchard Lake Road @ 14 Mile Road - 144 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Orchard Lake Road @ 12 Mile Road - 88 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Farmington Road @ 14 Mile Road - 76 Auto Accidents

  • null

    I-696 @ Orchard Lake Road - 63 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Northwestern Highway @ 13 Mile Road - 53 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Orchard Lake Road @ 13 Mile Road - 45 Auto Accidents

  • null

    8 Mile Road @ I-96 - 43 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Grand River Avenue @ Haggerty Road - 43 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Farmington Road @ 12 Mile Road - 42 Auto Accidents

  • null

    Drake Road @ 14 Mile Road - 39 Auto Accidents

Source: Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit

Michigan Auto Law has full lists of the most dangerous intersections in Farmington Hills, Oakland County and across the state: