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Herniated cervical disc injuries in the neck after a car accident

FAQs on herniated discs from our Michigan injury lawyers

Here’s some important information on herniated cervical disc (neck) injuries and car accidents. To speak with an injury lawyer now, call Michigan Auto Law at . There is no cost or obligation.

What is a cervical disc injury?

A cervical disc injury is an injury to a cervical disc (or cervical discs) separating the vertebrae in a person’s cervical spine, i.e., the area of a person’s spine that encompasses the person’s neck.

A person’s spine is made up of a column of bones called vertebrae, which are stacked one on top of the other. The bones or vertebrae form the spinal canal, which protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the bundle of nerves that carry messages from a person’s brain to the different parts of a person’s body.

In between each of the vertebrae are rubbery cushions called spinal discs. And when healthy, they act as shock absorbers for the spine, keeping the spine flexible, as explained by the Mayo Clinic and Cedars-Sinai.

What is a herniated cervical disc injury?

A herniated cervical disc is a spinal disc in a person’s neck area that has herniated or worked its way out of its normal position between the cervical spine’s vertebrae and pushed into the spinal canal, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The “injury” part of a herniated cervical disc occurs when the herniated cervical disc compresses or puts pressure on the spinal cord (i.e., the nerves that carry messages from the brain to the different parts of a person’s body), which travels through the spinal canal.

The result is that a herniated cervical disc injury may cause an afflicted person to suffer arm or leg pain, numbness, tingling and/or muscle weakness at the site of the herniation or in areas serviced by nerves affected by the herniation.

Herniated cervical discs in the neck are also referred to as ruptured discs, protruding discs and slipped discs.

What causes a herniated cervical disc injury?

The trauma of a Michigan auto accident can cause a herniated cervical disc injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, a traumatic event such as a blow to the back can cause a herniated disc. A blow to the neck could cause a herniated disc as well.

What the treatment and recovery for a neck injury like a herniated disc?

Here’s in order on neck injury treatment and recovery from neck injuries.

What is a bulging disc in the neck?

A bulging cervical disc is a spinal disc in a person’s neck area that has “bulged” or extended outside its normal position between the cervical spine’s vertebrae. Here’s more information about bulging discs.

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