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Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys

The personal injury attorneys of Michigan Auto Law are unique, because unlike other attorneys who say they handle personal injury; we regularly educate other lawyers on the underlying medical conditions of people who have been hurt. In addition to holding leadership positions in several organizations that focus on brain and spinal cord injuries, such as the American Association for Justice Traumatic Brain Injury Group, the State Bar of Michigan Negligence Law Section and the Sarah Jane Brain Project, our personal injury attorneys have received esteem and results in the courtroom that no other law firm in Michigan can match.

We solely specialize in auto accidents, and have developed detailed resource centers for victims of car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Throughout our law firm’s 50-year history, our Michigan personal injury attorneys have helped people who have been injured in almost every way imaginable. On the following pages, we’ve also included brief descriptions of some of the most frequent personal injuries people suffer following auto accidents.

Some common injuries include those to the head, neck, back, spinal cord, vertebrae, facet joints and soft tissues, as well as whiplash, fractures, injury to the connective tissue and ligaments, tendons and fascia. There are also spinal disc injuries including herniated discs, ruptured discs, extruded and bulging discs, and injury to the nerves and spinal cord caused by compression of disc material following spinal disc injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury from Auto Accidents

Many serious car and truck accidents involve brain injury. Whether they’re classified by doctors as traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome or closed-head injury, all refer to a constellation of impairments that will occur after the brain has been injured.

It’s important to remember that while the medical classifications for these personal injuries are artificially divided between mild, moderate and severe, the effects of any injury to the brain can be devastating. A brain injury that has been classified as mild can often still result in permanent and disabling impairment for an individual. In addition, traumatic brain injury is usually accompanied by emotional and psychiatric symptoms.


Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Catastrophic injuries, whether physical injuries or traumatic brain injuries, may result in a claim for attendant care benefits, which are also referred to as nursing services. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury, please consider contacting our Michigan personal injury attorneys at for a free case evaluation, or you can fill out our consultation form.