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How to lower Michigan’s auto insurance prices

Posted on: February 23rd, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

My 14-step plan to save  consumers money and keep the legal protections of No Fault insurance intact for auto accident victims   What do we do about the high cost of auto insurance in Michigan? I’ve been asked this question  by the media, by colleagues, by people in the auto insurance business, by auto accident […]

Most wanted truck safety improvements from the National Transportation Safety Board

Posted on: February 21st, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

NTSB recommends stopping distracted driving and truckers on drugs Today I wanted to share the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) “Most Wanted List,” highlighting safety issues identified from the organization’s investigations. Hopefully, this list will increase awareness about lingering safety issues and the causes of truck accidents as well as some smart recommended solutions. I’ve […]

An uber double-standard: Why not have $1 million liability limits for taxis?

Posted on: February 20th, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

House bill 4032, the ‘Uber’ bll, proposes $1 million bodily injury liability coverage for app-based, ride-sharing vehicles, but why do taxis only require $20,000? Something’s wrong here. Taxis have been driving around Metro Detroit for a very long time. And every year, they cause a number of crash-related injuries and deaths. In cities like Detroit, […]

How to add $1 million to your auto accident practice in 2015

Posted on: February 19th, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

Steven Gursten is speaking during Florida Justice Association Workhorse Seminar in Orlando Friday, I’ll be presenting at the Florida Association for Justice 2015 Workhorse Seminar in Orlando (I’m bringing my daughter Abbey, who will be on stage with me before we hit Harry Potter, her absolute favorite). My legal presentation is called, “How to Add […]

Don’t blame No Fault for uninsured drivers in Michigan

Posted on: February 18th, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

WalletHub study shows high uninsured driver rates are not exclusive to No Fault states – and can occur despite lower-than- average car insurance costs Michigan has a problem with a staggering number of uninsured drivers on our roads. I’ve described it in the past as playing Russian Roulette whenever we get behind the wheel to […]

Will No Fault denials, cutoffs further rise under GOP ‘reform’ plan?

Posted on: February 17th, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

Despite 192% increase in No Fault denials & cut-offs and meager, unfulfilled guarantees of temporary consumer savings, House Republicans promise new “Action Plan” What do Republicans in the Michigan House of Representatives have planned for “reforming auto No Fault to make auto insurance more affordable while providing quality care to auto accident victims”? We don’t […]

Bill would stop credit scoring by MI auto insurance companies

Posted on: February 16th, 2015 by Steven Gursten No Comments

HB 4117 proposes to stop using credit in setting prices; Calls credit scoring ‘unfair method of competition’ and ‘unfair or deceptive’ business practice  by insurance companies I’ve been an outspoken critic against credit scoring by insurance companies for many years. I’ve written on the pages of this legal blog that credit scoring is just a […]

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