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Uninsured drivers in Detroit: How this has become a civil rights issue

Attorney Steven Gursten in B.L.A.C. Magazine, on the staggering penalties for uninsured drivers  in Detroit

I was recently interviewed by B.L.A.C. Magazine. The story focused on the high cost of No Fault insurance, and the crisis resulting from more than 50% of Detroit drivers who do not have auto insurance driving on the road today.  It starts with very high auto insurance rates in urban cities like Detroit that many people cannot afford.

Here’s the full story: High Cost of Insuring Cars in Detroit.

For more information, click here to read a comprehensive analysis of Michigan No Fault reform and the latest developments.

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Insurance companies Rasputin calculation pays off big in Detroit and the rest of Michigan

How auto insurance companies take advantage of a law that punishes uninsured drivers

Auto insurance company bean counters knew something back in 1995, and they’ve been laughing all the way to the bank ever since, saving hundreds of millions of dollars that was shifted to the rest of us – as taxpayers – to be  stuck with.

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