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Brain injury victim didn’t need positive CT scan to win auto case

Centrone V. Stoddard reaffirms that pain and suffering damages require ‘objectively manifested impairment,’ not ‘injury,’ as courts had previously wrongfully held

brain injury case

Imagine if nearly every brain injury claim in Michigan was wiped out.  If hundreds of people who suffer very serious brain injuries were turned away from the courts and were unable to ever seek redress from the people who caused life-altering injuries to them.

We just came precariously close to this.  Far closer than most people, including the entire brain injury community and most of the personal injury attorneys in this state realize.

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Can a future with driverless cars save 1.2 million lives a year?

Striking the balance between protecting an emerging technology that promises to save millions of lives, and compensating victims when driverless cars crash


Worldwide, approximately 1.2 million people die every year in car and truck accidents, according to the World Health Organization.  Of that number, approximately 30,000 to 40,000 people are killed every year in automobile accidents in the United States.

Driverless cars — also called self-driving cars, autonomous cars, robotic cars  and Google cars – are vehicles that drive themselves. They have new advanced technology that enable them to  navigate without a human driver.

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Do drivers who speed in construction work zones deserve more lenient penalties?

Michigan senators want to reduce points on driving records for speeders who endanger workers and other drivers with (SB 895-898). Why?

Yesterday, I wrote about a recent, dangerous package of Senate bills (SB 895-898) that would allow drivers to go faster in construction work zones.  These bills would also raise speed limits to up to 80 miles per hour.

Rightly so, Michigan imposes serious  penalties on drivers who endanger construction workers by speeding in work zones. Under existing Michigan law, if a driver gets caught speeding in a “work zone” on a Michigan highway, the driver could get between three and five points on her driving record.

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New bills would let drivers speed in work zones

road workerPicture in your mind a construction worker near the bright orange cones.  Imagine him working in the hot sun, fixing roads this summer.

Now imagine drivers whizzing by him at speeds  of up to 70 miles per hour.

This will be the new reality for far too many construction workers if a dangerous and ill-advised package of bills (SB 895-898) becomes law. These bills would  revamp Michigan’s speed limit laws.

They will mean speeding big rigs – as trucks would be able to legally drive 10 miles an hour faster – and more people being killed in truck accidents. And they will mean more construction workers being seriously injured and killed as they’re picked off by cars driving at faster speeds through work zones.

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Michael Alfano wins our Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship

U of GA student survived a serious crash and is now an aspiring law school student


Michael Alfano of Georgia wants to be one of the good injury attorneys. The aspiring law school student is ready to take his experience recovering from a serious car accident with a bad attorney – and make it right by doing for others.

Michael is the second winner of our annual Michigan Auto Law Car Accident Injury Survivor Scholarship.  Our attorneys have been helping people injured in automobile accidents in Michigan for more than 60 years.  We started this scholarship for students who have had to overcome life-changing obstacles caused by auto accidents.

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Bills would increase Michigan speed limit to 80 miles per hour, endanger construction workers

increasing speed limits

Speed kills. But apparently some Michigan lawmakers don’t care. Sen. Casperson (R-Alger) and Sen. Pappageorge (R-Berkley) have released a package of bills (SB 895-898) that would allow drivers to speed up to 80 miles per hour.

I explain why this is a dangerous idea below.  What I truly don’t understand is why the bill seeks to increase speeds in construction zones.  As an attorney who has helped the families of construction workers killed by speeding motorists, there seems no debate about the dangers of construction zones. But SB 896 would make them even more dangerous.

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Driver brutally attacked after hitting child in Detroit raises safety concern: Do you stop after a crash in a bad neighborhood?

Steve UtashI often write about the tragic consequences of hit and run accidents, and the prevalence of such accidents in Detroit  due to unlighted streets, uninsured drivers and first responders who often come at an extreme delay.

Yesterday, a 54-year-old man named Steven Utash  struck a 10-year-old boy with his pickup truck in Detroit.

But this man did the right thing. He didn’t hit the boy and run. He stopped to check on the boy at Morang and McKinney. But when he did stop and get out of his vehicle, he was brutally attacked and robbed by a crowd of about a dozen men, according to a recent story in The Detroit News, “Daughter of motorist beaten by crowd says family is ‘waiting for him to wake up.’

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My Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Macomb County, Michigan for Car Accidents

Watch out for Cass Avenue and South Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township, with a whopping 90 crashes

Cass Avenue and South Groesbeck in Clinton Township is Macomb County's most dangerous intersection.

Cass Avenue and South Groesbeck in Clinton Township is Macomb County’s most dangerous intersection.

Here’s my top 10 most dangerous intersections in Macomb County.   I define “dangerous” by the number of car accidents that have occurred at these intersections in 2013.  If you can, try to avoid them.  Hopefully we can all use a bit more care on these roads.

Here’s my  Top 10 Worst intersections in Macomb County, Michigan:

  1. Cass Avenue and South Groesbeck Highway, Clinton Township, 90 car accidents
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Will my car insurance cover the pothole damage claim?

Argh! Another pothole damaged my car! Attorney answers how to make a claim for pothole damage


The one problem with being an insurance lawyer is with this influx of potholes everywhere, people keep asking me what they can do about the flat tires and more serious car damage they’re causing.  I cannot remember it ever being this bad.  Some streets look like they’ve been carpet bombed after this record winter.

Mostly, people want to know if their insurance will cover a claim for pothole damage.

Today I’d like to share answers to some of the most common questions I’m getting about damage to cars caused by potholes.

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Is driving “high on pot” safer than driving sober?

New research challenges this safety myth that driving is safer when using  marijuana. There are real dangers.

driving on marijuana

Is driving under the influence of marijuana safe?

Is driving when you are high from smoking pot safer driver than if you are driving sober?

Many people think so. In fact, it has become an urban legend that people who smoke pot and drive are not only safe drivers, but that smoking pot and driving actually makes you a better driver. And, based on some of the responses I received on Twitter and Facebook from my last post about driving high on recreational or medical marijuana,  this urban legend is alive and well.  More than a few responses answered the question of, “Is it safe to drive after smoking pot?” with an emphatic “Yes.”

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