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Existing No Fault cost controls make proposed medical-provider fee schedule unnecessary, boondoggle for insurance industry

Existing No Fault cost-controls ensure that auto insurers “pay no more than a reasonable charge,” as former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Clifford W. Taylor has said

Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Clifford W. Taylor

There is very little that I would probably ever agree on with former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Clifford W. Taylor.  To the public, he is best known as the “sleeping Judge.” But to the state’s lawyers and judges, he’s associated with a darker side.

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Update: Michigan No Fault wage loss rate raised

lost wages Michigan

The amount of wage loss an auto accident victim in Michigan can recover has recently been raised.

For those of you unfamiliar with No Fault wage loss, it is an important No Fault benefit that compensates you for your wages lost, when you’re unable to work due to injuries suffered from a car or truck accident. Wage loss is paid by your own No-Fault insurance company for up to the three years after an auto accident.

If you’re injured in an automobile accident between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014, your maximum wage loss benefits are now $5,282 per month.

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How one truck driver caused a 40-car pileup on U.S. 131 in West Michigan

There was a recent 40-vehicle pileup on U.S. 31 in Fruitland Township (which is in West Michigan, about 40 miles west of Grand Rapids). Several published reports chalked up this terrible string of wrecks to an “accident” due to the inclement, snowy weather.

That’s nonsense, of course.  Weather is almost never an excuse for a truck driver causing a car accident – or in this case, 40 car accidents.

This  pileup was likely kicked off by a commercial truck hauling cattle (that’s an image).  The truck spun out of control and the driver was ticketed for speeding, despite the terrible winter weather.

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8 toy safety tips for holiday shopping in 2013

toy safety tips for shopping

It may seem way too soon to talk about holiday shopping this year, but some people are already gearing up for Black Friday (even though Black Friday is starting as obscenely early as the day before Thanksgiving these days). If I sound a bit grumpy writing this post today, I hope you’ll excuse me.  One of the legal secretaries in our law office already has Christmas music on all day long on the radio, so here come the holidays, like it or not.

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Get your car seats inspected at Michigan Auto Law during Halloween week!

halloween safety

Halloween is definitely my children’s favorite holiday. This year, my son is a ninja warrior, complete with plastic sword. And my daughter is an Archie comic book, because reading Archie comics is her favorite thing to do (it was a close call between Archie and Harry Potter this year).  I’m looking forward to walking them up and down our neighborhood streets for candy.

But there’s a safety component that should not be overlooked this Halloween that goes beyond checking candy. As an accident attorney, I’ve also gotten my share of calls every year in the days shortly after Halloween from parents who have had children hit by cars on Halloween night.  As much as I love the holiday, I can’t help but also think about safety.

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Motorcycle accident fatality risk doubles for helmet free riders

motorcycle fatality risk doubles helmet free riders

An alarming new statistic proves how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle without a helmet (which has been legal in Michigan for more than a year now).

According to Analysis of Motorcycle Crashes: Comparison of 2012 to Previous Years, by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute:

  • There were a total of 129 fatalities in Michigan last year of either motorcycle drivers or their passengers.
  • 45% of motorcyclists (55 motorcyclists) killed in Michigan were not wearing a helmet.
  • 31% of motorcyclists who sustained incapacitating injuries (203 motorcyclists) were not wearing a helmet.
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28th Street construction in Grand Rapids, $10 million project

Grand Rapids 28th Street construction

28th Street construction in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids recently started major construction on 28th Street. It’s not just any street; 28th Street is the city’s, and one of West Michigan’s, busiest roads.

With summer rush and July 4th holiday trips upon us, it’s a good time to review the law with construction zones and what this huge construction project will do with road travel in and around Grand Rapids.

Many of our clients are from Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities.  In fact, Michigan Auto Law has a convenient local law office right in Grand Rapids to better serve our clients. That means our lawyers are going to get stuck in this just like everyone else.

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No Fault reform’s cap on medical benefits could cause $630 million cost-shift to taxpayers, House report shows

No Fault attorney explains real costs of No Fault “reform”: bankruptcies, higher health insurance rates, increased Medicaid & Medicare burdens and higher auto insurance

No Fault reform cost MichiganFirst, let’s discuss the best possible spin that No Fault “reform” proponents like Gov. Rick Snyder and the insurance industry have to say for why we should change Michigan’s No Fault law.  Ready? You save $10 a month for a year, and in exchange, you lose the right to receive lifetime medical care if you’re in a catastrophic auto accident.

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Can a driver legally turn left on a red light in Michigan?

Accident attorney discusses when  law allows a left turn on a red light

red light turn law Michigan

Most of us have made a left turn on a red light. It feels natural, and somewhere in the back of our minds we’re sure that somebody somewhere (e.g., your high school biology teacher who doubled as your driver’s ed instructor way back when) told us it was legal to make a left turn on a red light.

But is it?  When is turning left on red legal under Michigan law?

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Why the risk of being killed by a truck has spiked 40%

Deaths caused by truck wrecks on the rise

In one of my most tragic completely preventable wrongful death cases, Patrick Nunez, a wonderful man who was a loving father and husband, was hit by a truck on the highway in Detroit and killed. The driver of the truck that smashed into his car  had seizures and was on powerful epilepsy medication that causes drowsiness. The truck driver should never have been behind the wheel that day. The truck he was driving had multiple serious safety issues that included tires and brakes. The truck he was driving was out-of-service and should never have been allowed on the road that day if the truck company was doing its job.

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