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How does Michigan’s Mini Tort Law Work?

Learn how to get your vehicle damage fixed with a Michigan mini tort claim

The single most common question that all of our accident lawyers get is “How do I pay for my car damage?”

So we’ve put together a simple graphic that shows, step by step, how the Michigan mini tort law works.

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Download a mini tort letter here. This is a letter to the No-Fault insurance company of at-fault driver, requesting the money to repair your car damage.

Under Michigan’s mini tort law, a person who’s car was damaged in a car accident can recover up to a maximum of $1,000 for vehicle damage from the person who caused the crash. This is called a mini tort claim.

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One comment on “How does Michigan’s Mini Tort Law Work?

  1. I was waiting for traffic light to turn green the defendant hit my car from behind and caused $3000.00 I have standard collision insurance and $500.00 deductible I have to pay. Can I hire a lawyer to file a mini tort claim case. to pay my deductible and lawyer fee?.

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