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Meet Jordan Jones, our newest trial and pre-litigation attorney

Michigan Auto Law attorney Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones is the latest addition to the Michigan Auto Law team.

Jordan started off at the firm as a law clerk, and he’s hit the ground running faster than perhaps any new personal injury attorney in Michigan.

Jordan already assisted me with the top truck accident jury verdict in Michigan last year.   He worked tirelessly on briefs and motions before and throughout the trial.

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My Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Flint, Michigan for Auto Accidents

Beware of East Court Street and South Dort Highway with 29 auto accidents in 2013 alone

East Court Street and South Dort Highway, Flint's most dangerous intersection

East Court Street and South Dort Highway, Flint’s most dangerous intersection

Today we’re covering the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Flint, Michigan. I define “dangerous” by the number of crashes that have occurred at these intersections in 2013.  Try to avoid them if you’re able to take an alternate route.

My list of the worst intersections in Flint City comes from the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting System, and is based upon the most recent crash statistics released for 2013.

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Can you be sued for your allergies after a car accident?

Yes, if side effects of antihistamines cause or contribute to a car accident

sneezing allergies car accident

According to the FDA, there’s a serious problem that’s getting very little publicity. So many people take common, over-the-counter drugs for allergies. After all, it’s allergy season, and some people are popping Benedryl and Claritin like M&M’s to stop itchy eyes and noses that run like a faucet.

Here’s the rub: Although it may seem hard to believe, your allergies could actually cause or contribute to a car accident – if you’re not careful with your allergy medication.

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Did the Insurance Institute of Michigan, Pete Kuhnmuench say Michigan’s auto insurance prices are “reasonable”? Why, yes

IIM and its executive director have praised the No Fault law for years, despite recent statements to the contrary

Peter Kuhnmuench, executive director of the Insurance Institute Of Michigan

Peter Kuhnmuench, executive director of the Insurance Institute Of Michigan

Did you know… Michigan auto insurance prices are “reasonable”?

Did you know… Michigan’s No Fault auto insurance system has been “recognized” as being “the most efficient and effective auto insurance law in the United States”?

Did you know… Michigan’s No Fault policyholders “are getting a bang for their buck when it comes to protecting themselves in the case of a traffic crash”?

Did you know… Michigan’s No Fault law “concept has worked well”?

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Brain injury victim didn’t need positive CT scan to win auto case

Centrone V. Stoddard reaffirms that pain and suffering damages require ‘objectively manifested impairment,’ not ‘injury,’ as courts had previously wrongfully held

brain injury case

Imagine if nearly every brain injury claim in Michigan was wiped out.  If hundreds of people who suffer very serious brain injuries were turned away from the courts and were unable to ever seek redress from the people who caused life-altering injuries to them.

We just came precariously close to this.  Far closer than most people, including the entire brain injury community and most of the personal injury attorneys in this state realize.

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Can a future with driverless cars save 1.2 million lives a year?

Striking the balance between protecting an emerging technology that promises to save millions of lives, and compensating victims when driverless cars crash


Worldwide, approximately 1.2 million people die every year in car and truck accidents, according to the World Health Organization.  Of that number, approximately 30,000 to 40,000 people are killed every year in automobile accidents in the United States.

Driverless cars — also called self-driving cars, autonomous cars, robotic cars  and Google cars – are vehicles that drive themselves. They have new advanced technology that enable them to  navigate without a human driver.

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Do drivers who speed in construction work zones deserve more lenient penalties?

Michigan senators want to reduce points on driving records for speeders who endanger workers and other drivers with (SB 895-898). Why?

Yesterday, I wrote about a recent, dangerous package of Senate bills (SB 895-898) that would allow drivers to go faster in construction work zones.  These bills would also raise speed limits to up to 80 miles per hour.

Rightly so, Michigan imposes serious  penalties on drivers who endanger construction workers by speeding in work zones. Under existing Michigan law, if a driver gets caught speeding in a “work zone” on a Michigan highway, the driver could get between three and five points on her driving record.

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New bills would let drivers speed in work zones

road workerPicture in your mind a construction worker near the bright orange cones.  Imagine him working in the hot sun, fixing roads this summer.

Now imagine drivers whizzing by him at speeds  of up to 70 miles per hour.

This will be the new reality for far too many construction workers if a dangerous and ill-advised package of bills (SB 895-898) becomes law. These bills would  revamp Michigan’s speed limit laws.

They will mean speeding big rigs – as trucks would be able to legally drive 10 miles an hour faster – and more people being killed in truck accidents. And they will mean more construction workers being seriously injured and killed as they’re picked off by cars driving at faster speeds through work zones.

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Why higher speed limits for trucks will kill more people: Physics

Michigan’s proposed new law to increase speed limits for large commercial trucks and buses is a very dangerous idea

speed limit trucks

Yesterday, I wrote about the perilous Senate Bills 895-898, which would allow  trucks and buses to speed up to 70 miles per hour – up 10 mph from the current law.

Speed kills. It’s not just a catchy safety phrase. It’s science. And it’s a hard fact that I see in many of the truck accident cases that I’ve litigated as an attorney who practices in this area of law.

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Speed kills. With big trucks and buses, speed annihilates.

Senate bills 895-898 would allow  trucks and buses to speed up to 70 miles per hour – up 10 mph from the current law

speed limit trucks

We’ve all been there. Watching in our rear-view mirror as a big 80,000-pound, fully-loaded commercial truck is barreling down the road. We’ve all had that sickening feeling in our stomachs as we watch the tractor trailer loom larger and larger behind us.

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